Terms Service

Terms Service


Registration on the website implies automatic acceptance of the user with the following rules of use of the services provided by "Wl Host". In the case of a Contract for the provision of hosting services these terms and conditions are an integral part of the Contract.
In the event of changes to these terms Wl Host" undertakes to notify all users by e-mail no later than 15 (fifteen) calendar days prior to their effective date.
In case of disagreement or inability to perform of these rules after receiving notice of the change, the user has the right to suspend the use of services "Wl Host".

1. Violation of the law.

1.1 The services provided by the Contractor shall be used only for legitimate purposes.
Illegal activities include (but are not limited to the hereinafter listed):
• distribution of drugs,
• attempt unauthorized access to computer systems,
• piracy (distributing copyrighted material in violation of copyright),
• gambling,
• carrying out schemes of deception,
• violation of other laws.

2. Norms of behavior in the network.

2.1 Not allowed the sending of unsolicited information or advertising to those with whom the client has already established business relations, sending promotional information, not relevant to the theme of the site;
cheating (use e-mail address incorrect or non-existent return address of the sender);
departure in one mailbox many of the same e-mail and subscribe someone to a mailing list without the consent of this personal.

3. The violation of the rights of third parties.

3.1 Not valid distribution of private information about a person without her consent, intellectual property rights infringement, defamation to a person or legal entity.

4. The content of the website.

4.1 is Not allowed a blank site or start page (without information).
4.2 On servers Wl Host it is prohibited to place sites that contain:

4.3 Materials openly erotic and pornographic content, depictions of violence, public executions and similar;

4.4 Crack/hack, warez sites, ;

4.5 Phishing and fake websites (websites imitating a popular online resources for the purpose of receiving confidential information of the users of these resources).

4.6 Viruses, links for downloading or advertising sites containing them.

4.7 Port scanning, brute force, attack,SPAM and any such action.

4.8 It is illegal to distribute software that can be used to send spam.

4.9 Prohibited from distributing unauthorized audio and video files.

5. Server resource usage.

5.1 Virtual hosting is prohibited improper use of server resources, and it is not allowed to start the daemon programs (TSRs), not allowed to run scripts that cause the critical server load. In case of detection scripts causing an abnormal load on the server account will be suspended until action by the user to optimize the code.
5.2 Sites that use php-nuke and create excessive load on the server should be placed on VDS servers. Such sites may be suspended without warning.

6. Technical support:

6.1 The issue in support of must ask is essentially on the possibility of fully revealing the essence of the problem.
Indicate which www-domain is described by a client problem, accurately describing its actions and visible errors.

6.2 It is advisable to copy the portion of the log your virtual host from the error log in the Log menu of the web hosting control panel, VESTA
or attach a screenshot of the visible problem.

6.3 When contacting support inadmissible any insults to staff support and the use of profanity. In this case, the customer service may be terminated unilaterally.

7. Traffic.

7.1 Unlimited bandwidth is provided that projects on the customer's account will not exceed a 1:6 ratio of inbound to outbound traffic.
In case of violation of the above ratio, the customer account may be blocked. When placed on the account of conventional types of sites (corporate websites, online stores, blogs, forums, etc.), the ratio will not be violated.

These rules are based on and supported by generally accepted rules of network usage.

Any violation of the above rules will inevitably lead to the removal of your account and termination of the contract with the user is committed violations.

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