Pages, files and php scripts you need to upload to a folder /web/domain/public_html/

public_html - the folder to store html files, php scripts, images and other things that will be available on your website cgi-bin - directory to host scripts (e.g. perl).
Through the web access scripts from this folder will be available at the address like http://www.domain.com/cgi-bin/name. www is a shortcut to the public_html folder

Access rights (chmod) can be changed via the hosting control panel's file Manager. Via FTP or by going into the file attributes (directory).

In order to create additional FTP account you need to go to the control panel of the website, later in section Web, redaktirovat user,and to specify additional FTP accounts.

/public_html is the directory to host your own scripts via http.
/public_shtml - directory to host your own scripts on https.
/cgi-bin directory to house your CGI scripts
/document_errors - basic mistakes. DO NOT TOUCH!
/private - office part of system settings of your domain. DO NOT TOUCH!
/stats - statistics will NOT TOUCH!

We have a server with two types of settings, some php installed as a module, the other as a cgi.
On servers with php Cgi file permissions should be 644 only on folders 755, These rights enough to record because the scripts are working on behalf of a user

On servers with apache mod php to write To directory permissions of 777 to write to the file rights are 666. These install just right! on those folders and files which are in the instructions for your script.
Learn what settings your server can support
Standard access rights for files and directories.
600 Makes a file inaccessible
644 read everyone (e.g. HTML documents)
666 File can be read and modified (for HTML files modified by scripts)
755 File can be read and executed by anyone (for scripts)
777 File can be read and modified by anyone (not recommended!)
711 Files in directory can be read by everyone, but the content of the directory is closed
755 Files and contents of directory can be viewed by all
777 Allows full access to view/write/delete directory and files in it (not recommended!)

You have exceeded the disk quota of your service plan, remove unnecessary files or move to higher data plan.


After activating your account You will receive an email with the settings where it will be specified what ns you need to register Your domain.
If the domain is not purchased from us, the change operation CSN You make on the website of Your Registrar (or their support group).
The change DNS of domain bought from us, you must make a request in the form of changing DNS for the domain from your billing panel, or submit a trouble ticket to tech support.

If your plan allows the addition of an extra domain, then
1. add as an additional domain in the control panel
2. change the DNS on the Registrar's website:
3. website files upload to the directory specified when you create the domain
DNS are in the details to the hosting

You can only do this by contacting tech support. The primary domain can only be done from the domain which is currently not on the server. the
Cannot make primary or secondary domain parkovanie, before that it should be removed from the panel! the
The directory of the primary domain only if you make public_html the main domain, the website will not work until you take in public_html

Subdomains (subdomains, subdomains) are domains of the third (or more) level of your website.
For example, if your website has a domain site.ru it subdomain.site.ru will be a subdomain.


Please refer the matter to the relevant Department, service user support
Technical issues - technical support Department
Questions related to payment, domain registration, delays - Department of Finance
If You are on tariff plans of reseller or VPS - Department - reselling and UPU
If You have anything to offer, or you do not like something or is uncomfortable - the Department of complaints and suggestions.

Hello. the
Carefully read the details received after you activate your account, they contain all the necessary data to use the hosting. the
Pages, files and php scripts you need to upload to folder /public_html/ cgi-scripts should be located in the directory /cgi-bin/
If You tactivate archive, use zip or tar. RAR is Not supported! If the domain is not bought from us , You should change DNS in the properties of the domain to the Registrar specified in the details. the
DNS updated a few hours, and while You can use server ip to access. The file of the main page must be named index.php or index.htm

Most likely the directory or file was created by PHP and script has an owner and nobody, respectively, will not be removed on your behalf. the
Delete this directory and all its contents can script such as the following:
The script should be called via a browser. the
In $deldir at the beginning of the script specify the path to the directory relative to where the script is invoked. the
will delete all files and subdirectories belonging to nobody.


Please install the following settings:
Mail address: name@youdomain.com
Account (login): name@youdomain.com
Password: ********
POP3 server: pop.wlhost.tk
SMTP server: mail.wlhost.tk
My outgoing server requires authentication

Access rights (chmod) can be changed via the hosting control panel's file Manager. Via FTP or by going into the file attributes (directory).

You can use mail interface from the control panel.

E-mail accounts are configured in control panel.


Do not install the scripts, chat rooms, online games, private mail system , scripts, newsletters and automatic generators doorways,scripts cryptocurrency mining (Litecoin mining) trackers, various php-gateways, gate and proxy, websites promoting violence and selling of prohibited goods, pyramid schemes (HYIP projects ). the
Banned sites casino, betting, Smoking mixtures , drugs, betting organizations, pyramids, sites with pornography and commercial sex services. of
the Scripts that create znachitelnie and prolonged load on the server.
It is prohibited to use scripts and sucking the uploaders of the files with\in the hosting services (Rapida, Torrent, etc.) , upload large files for download in open access (large files broken up into multi-volume archive not solve the problem).
do not use the hosting as a platform for active Filomena for a large number of clients. the
Placement of open links on downloading from servers is considered a violation. Use a captcha , limit zakachka in time and other mechanisms for limiting the extra junk download files
To use the scripts with audio and video online from the server( Use the third-party server).
Prohibited use in scripts compression functions
Banned installation of IRC servers and IRC bots. Web shell and various hacking tools. the
Discovered sites will be deleted without warning with no refund.
Phishing and hack websites - sites removed immediately. The disconnect message in this case is NOT sent and all the information on the website will be transmitted to the relevant authorities of Russia or the United States, the customer account is closed.
no further information will be sent.
Web site promotion by advertising companies , "the order of traffic/visits to the site" should be discussed with the administration. Work with large files (over 500MB) is coordinated with the administration
Violation of this paragraph shall be punished by blocking the account
A minimum period of launching tasks CZK -15 min The maximum number of open user processes - 25 the
Attention!!! It is prohibited to place links on microsoft products especially windows !! the
This list can be modified in the identification of new threats to the stable operation of clients ' accounts in shared hosting.

We have zero patience with any type of SPAM and the use of
of our servers or passive SPAM on sites located on ourservers.
In any case, the spam account will be closed.

The site is closed without notice is an extreme measure and is applied in three cases:
1. With Your account is spamming
If the reason for the spam was hacking the website , the client is obliged to fix the problem, clean the site from malicious code and to do everything possible that the problem is not repeated. the php mail() function on this account is temporarily disabled
2. You received a complaint
3. In case you receive complaints about copyright and ignoring the request from the administration host to the satisfaction of the owner, the account can be locked
4. With Your account or Your account is DDOS-attack.
5. Scripts in Your account are using up server resources and cause problems in the work of other users.
(limit load to account on a regular hosting up to 15 percent CPU and memory)
The last two paragraphs are performed to ascertain the circumstances of the problem. After their removal - the account is restored at the discretion of the administration. the
If the user does not wish to contribute to the elimination of overload and systematically ignores the warning, the account will be deleted beyond recovery.


1. Check encoding of the DB. To do this, log in to phpMyAdmin select database and navigate to the operations menu.
If the encoding of the DB is different from cp1251_general_ci change it.
2. If the encoding was invalid, load the DB dump again.
3. Check the correct display of the Cyrillic alphabet in phpMyAdmin.
4. if in phpMyAdmin everything is OK, but the site is not, look in
Your scripts connection string to the database and after the call to mysql_connect() add the line: mysql_query("SET NAMES 'cp1251'");

You need to upload the database to your hosting account.
Create a database and to contact tech support with the path to the dump file and the name of the database to which you want to import.
If you decide to do the import yourself, do it at night with 0 -8 hours

The database is created in the control panel – menu – database
The user is created in the control panel, the password when creating a user will be used as access credentials to the database.
User just need to attach to the database assigning privileges in the same menu panel.
For example, for user account, these details will look like this
The database server is localhost (the remote access to the database is not available)
Database name – Your database yegoshina
The user name of the user you yestoday
Password – the password for this user
(please note, user names and database start with user_ -where user is your account name.

The database can only be created in the control panel, you need to remove the create database line in your dump

You need to register in config file the database connection details to connect to our hosting
See the question about details.

Go to phpMyAdmin interface and select the database, then you need menu – operations - comparison - to select the encoding the
First command in your script after the database connection need to
run the command mysql_query("SET NAMES' imageoptimizer

You must remove the database user and create a new one, then connect a new user to this database.

Udaleny access port 3306 to the database is closed You can through the web interface which is available in control panel.


In control panel in masonry CRON, create a task, specify Cauchy, minutes, etc if you want not to specify a value then in the field enter *, and in the command field, enter /usr/bin/php /home/login/web/domain/public_html/cron.php the
domain - your domain is Valid.
login - Binding your user.
cron.php - Your task which should be executed


Account recovery from backup user is free , once a day. creating a backup of the account size is more than 3GB is not guaranteed.
In control panel, in masonry backup , click on reset you need backup.

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